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All-Terrain Knee
All-Terrain Knee
All-Terrain Knee
All-Terrain Knee
All-Terrain Knee
All-Terrain Knee
All-Terrain Knee
All-Terrain Knee
All-Terrain Knee
All-Terrain Knee
All-Terrain Knee
All-Terrain Knee

All-Terrain Knee

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The All-Terrain Knee is a 4-bar prosthetic knee joint that fulfills the security needs of low-mobility users while still meeting the demands of active amputees. LegWorks’ patented Autolock Technology stance phase controller locks upon full swing phase extension, giving amputees confidence on all terrains. The patent-pending swing phase controller allows for variable cadence without the use of hydraulics or pneumatics, while a simple twist-knob manual lock offers users increased safety during the rehabilitation process or situational use on uneven terrain.

Weight Rating: 275 lb (125kg)

Warranty: 24-Month manufacturer's warranty

Reimbursement: L5611, L5845 (stance flexion only), L5850, L5925

Note: L-Codes suggested by LegWorks are for reference only, and are subject to change. The responsibility and liability for coding lie with the provider.

The All-Terrain Knee is CE-marked and conforms with the EC (CE) Declaration of conformity.


Product Features

  • Superior stability to traditional polycentric designs via the patented AutoLock Technology.
  • Friction swing phase control via the patent-pending Variable Cadence Controller.
  • Simple twist-knob manual lock.
  • Available with and without adjustable stance flexion.
  • Waterproof and submersible in freshwater (e.g. shower, lake)

Potential Users

  • K2 amputees with the potential to become moderate to high K2 ambulators and use a non-manual locking knee.
  • Preparatory prosthesis for new patients with the potential to become K3–K4 mobility level ambulators after rehabilitation.
  • Underinsured amputees that require a high-functioning, non-hydraulic prosthetic knee.
  • Hip disarticulation or bilateral above knee amputees that require a knee with inherent stability.

Product Specifications

Mobility Level K1-K4
Amputation Level Transfemoral, Knee Disarticulation (Non-Stance Flexion Only)
Knee Flexion Angle 150°
ATK-PA-01 Device Height & Weight 7 516 in (186mm)
2.29 lb (1,040g)
ATK-SF-01 Device Height & Weight 7 1516 in (201mm)
2.71 lb (1,230g)

Selecting the Right Knee

In order to provide an optimal experience for every user, LegWorks offers three different models of knee, each available with or without stance flexion. View the comparison chart below to determine which model is right for your patient.
Product Feature All-Terrain Knee All-Terrain Knee Premium ATK HydraPro
Variable Cadence Controller Non Fluid-based Non Fluid-based Hydraulic Damping
Submersible Freshwater Only Freshwater & Saltwater Freshwater & Saltwater
Weight Limit 275 lb (125kg) 330 lb (150kg) 330 lb (150kg)
Indicated Model: Long Residuum Without Stance Flexion Without Stance Flexion Without Stance Flexion
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