Frequently Asked Questions


How can I buy a LegWorks knee? Can I order through a distributor?

Can I trial an All-Terrain Knee or ATK HydraPro unit?

Do you offer a warranty?

How do I return/exchange a LegWorks Knee?

Where do I ship returns?


Who is a candidate for the original All-Terrain Knee and All-Terrain Knee with Stance Flexion?

Who is a candidate for the All-Terrain Knee Premium line of knees?

How does the weight of the All-Terrain Knee impact the amputee?

How does the All-Terrain Knee unlock?

How does the knee provide variable cadence response without fluid control?

How does the patient sit down with this knee?

Can the patient kneel on the knee?

Does the knee have stumble recovery or stance yielding like swing & stance hydraulic knees?

What type of foot do you recommend?

Do you use standard alignment? If not, what is the recommended alignment?

What should I adjust first when fitting the All-Terrain Knee?

What is the ground clearance of the knee?

Can amputees ride a bicycle using this knee?


What are your suggested L-Codes?

The All-Terrain Knee looks like a single axis device, yet it is described as a 4 bar knee. Which one is it?

Does the All-Terrain Knee utilize hydraulics or pneumatics?

How does the All-Terrain Knee compare to mechanical, single axis hydraulic swing control waterproof knees?

Is the All-Terrain Knee durable?

Is the All-Terrain Knee waterproof? Saltwater proof? Corrosion resistant?

Does the All-Terrain Knee work the same as a geometric locking knee?

I'm considering fitting the All-Terrain knee on amputees with either long residuums or knee disarticulations. What is the clearance of the knee?

Product Care

What if the knee is exposed to sand, mud, or grit?


The knee is making a squeaking noise. What should I do?

The patient struggles with getting the knee to flex in terminal stance. Why is this occurring?

There is a little bit of play/movement in the knee, does it need servicing?

Why is there a creaking noise at heel strike?

Why is there noise at late stance-phase/terminal stance (clipping noise)?

The amputee is waiting for the knee to cycle to full extension/the amputee is experiencing excessive swing phase time.

How do I control for excessive terminal impact?