The All-Terrain Knee

The Mechanical Knee - Reinvented

Now available with Stance Flexion!


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Key Features of the All-Terrain Knee

LegWorks’ breakthrough prosthetic knee joint – a mechanical knee that’s safe, stable, and transitions with your patient.


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Meet Dan


Dan tackles homelessness is the Bay Area every day On the All-Terrain Knee with Stance Flexion

Dan is able to transition from his work on the ground to city halls, where he has helped establish and advocate before local leadership.









Clinical Trial Results for the All-Terrain Knee:

The All-Terrain Knee has been clinically tested in 10 countries around the world. 95% OF USERS PREFERRED THE ALL-TERRAIN KNEE FOR DAILY USE.

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Suggested L Codes:


L5611 - Addition to lower extremity, endoskeletal system, above knee-knee disarticulation, 4 bar linkage, with friction swing phase control 

L5850 - Addition, endoskeletal system, above knee or hip disarticulation, knee extension assist

L5925 - Addition, endoskeletal system, above knee, knee disarticulation or hip disarticulation, manual lock

Optional Stance Flexion, L5845 - Addition, endoskeletal knee-shin system, stance flexion feature, adjustable


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*60-day trial only valid in U.S.