The All-Terrain Knee Collection: Narrowing the Accessibility Gap

A significant challenge for many amputees is access to prosthetic care and appropriate devices. This need is at the core of LegWorks' mission—to help amputees globally to walk with confidence.

For Academy Today's Spring 2019 Gait Issue, our Clinical Specialist, Nick Vogel, CP, illustrates how the All-Terrain Knee Collection helps to fill the largely unmet need for economical, yet high-performing, prosthetic devices.

A Solution for Transfemoral Amputees:
Stability, Function, and Access

LegWorks Clinical Specialist, Nicolas Vogel, CP

Patient A is a community ambulator and small-business owner without health insurance. The geometric locking knee in his prosthesis had lost function after 15 years of use. This limited his mobility, both in leisure activities and in his daily work cleaning commercial buildings. His goal was to resume normal activities, which included playing basketball with his children. Unfortunately, the only financially acceptable choices for him were K2-rated friction swing-control devices.

Patient B is a car mechanic with the potential for unlimited community ambulation who experienced several falls while using a weight-activated stance-control knee joint. As a result, he reported experiencing anxiety related to a fear of falling during prosthetic use and remained a single-cadence ambulator. (Click below to continue)