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1 Credit Course

Presentation with live lecture and video examples of gait improvement utilizing the All-Terrain Knee.

2 Credit Course

Presentation with lecture and video examples, plus live fitting of the All-Terrain Knee on a K2 or K3 amputee.

Lecture Portion Outline

  • Candidates for the All-Terrain Knee and typical knee recommendations for this group.
  • Patented Autolock Technology function and clinical benefits of achieving lock prior to heel strike.
  • Review of swing phase characteristics of hydraulic, pneumatic and typical friction knees.
  • Exploration of mechanical Variable Cadence Controller technology utilizing combination of variable interaction between friction and extension springs throughout the swing phase cycle.
  • Proper alignment and adjustments for the All-Terrain Knee.
  • Review of the corrosion-resistant All-Terrain Premium models and indications.
Desired Outcome
The practitioner will improve patient outcomes with proper patient selection and gait training techniques vital to optimize the benefits of the All-Terrain Knee.

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*These courses have been approved for credit through the American Board for Certification in O&P, and the Board for Orthotist/Prosthetist Certification.

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