Success Story: Lanieta

LegWorks Product: All-Terrain Knee

Lanieta is a 15-year-old girl from the island of Koro, Fiji. In February 2016, Lanieta started to have severe pain in her leg. The diagnosis was osteosarcoma, and she and her family made the difficult decision to amputate her leg. At the time, there was no viable prosthesis for an above-knee amputee in Fiji because the only available knee was far too dangerous with no locking capabilities. As a result, Lanieta was not able to return to her previous lifestyle, which included climbing into the back of a truck to get to school.

Fortunately, through the LegWorks Mobility Project and our charitable partnerships in Fiji, Lanieta received an All-Terrain Knee at the end of 2017. The All-Terrain Knee allows Lanieta to navigate the uneven terrain of the islands. Lanieta has adjusted very well back to her normal lifestyle— living at home and going to school with aspirations of one day becoming a physical therapist.