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+ 1. Do you offer a warranty on the All-Terrain Knee?

Yes, we offer a 2-year warranty, including for waterproofing.

+ 2. Can I trial an All-Terrain Knee unit?

Yes! LegWorks offers a risk-free 60-day trial on all purchases.

+ 3. How can I buy a knee? Can I order through a distributor?

Order knees directly from LegWorks online shop ( using a credit card or accounts invoicing or call our San Francisco office at (408) 692-5633 to order via phone.

+ 4. What are your suggested L-Codes?

For all versions of the All-Terrain Knee, we recommend L5611, L5850 and L5925. For the adjustable stance flexion versions of the All-Terrain Knee or All-Terrain Knee Premium, we recommend the addition of L5845 to the aforementioned codes.

+ 5. Who is a candidate for the original All-Terrain Knee and All-Terrain Knee with Stance Flexion?

Amputees of any activity level can enjoy the stability of the knee, while experiencing smooth and quiet swing phase response. K2 amputees with potential for variable cadence can walk confidently on the knee while developing sound and efficient gait habits. The variable cadence controller allows an unimpeded increase in walking speed by controlling heel rise and attenuating terminal impact. This allows for potential future documentation of variable cadence and prescription of a K3 prosthesis.

+ 6. Who is a candidate for the All-Terrain Knee Premium line of knees?

Amputees of any activity level who wish to engage in water activities whether in the pool, the ocean or lakes. The AutoLock mechanism allows stable ambulation on irregular surfaces such as sand. This means amputees can walk to the water, instead of carrying the prosthesis, then donning once they are at the water’s edge., Additionally, K1 or K2 bariatric amputees weighing up to 330 lbs benefit greatly from the durability and high stability of the Premium version.

+ 7. Does the All-Terrain Knee utilize hydraulics or pneumatics?

No, the patent pending Variable Cadence Controller features friction shims with unique shape and geometry, which vary frictional torque forces acting on the knee as it progresses through flexion and extension in swing phase.

+ 8. How does this compare to other polycentric or geometric locking knees?

The All-Terrain Knee collection feature a positive locking mechanism that locks upon extension, whereas polycentric knees with geometric locks require weight-bearing to engage. Unlike polycentric knees, the All-Terrain Knee(s), will support the amputee’s weight no matter the ground reaction forces occurring at heel strike.

Clinical testing with children against a leading polycentric knee joint saw a reduction in reported falls from once per day to once per month.

+ 9. How does the All-Terrain Knee unlock?

Knees in the All-Terrain Knee Collection unlock by firmly loading the toe and then flexing the hip while keeping the toe load constant. This can be difficult to do by hand, but occurs in the natural gait pattern.

The All-Terrain Knee can also be unlocked by the amputee by pushing firmly on the cover of the knee and flexing the knee.

+ 10. How does the weight of the All Terrain Knee impact the amputee?

While the All-Terrain knee is not ultralight, subjective reports from users are that the prosthesis feels lighter when walking. Indeed, clinical trials comparing the All-Terrain Knee to a friction braking knee weighing less than half of the All-Terrain Knee show 40% energy efficiency savings.

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